About Us

Clipping Path Marketplace

We at Clipping Path marketplace enable our global clients to grow their businesses by providing hand-drawn, high-quality, affordable Photoshop services. Our 120+ Photoshop experts are able to do any reasonably photo editing work whether it’s image clipping path, color correction, background removal, drop shadow, neck joint, custom retouching, image masking or compositing. We believe our success is made upon our clients’ success.

Our clients include professional fashion photographers, product photographers, art directors, studios, photo agencies, and e-commerce businesses. Our customers highly appreciate our fast turnaround ability, transparency in pricing, 24/7 customer support, and unlimited revision.

With 3 working shifts, our team works round the clock, while maintaining work-life balance. Such flexible working schedules allow us to serve busy clients everywhere the globe, in the least hours of the day.

Our History

Clipping Path Marketplace features a rich history of highly energetic workforce and therefore the seamless integration of the simplest technology to supply flawless service. With a world client base stretching to all or any parts of the planet , we’ve worked to prove that quality and dedication leads to creativity.

Our Mision

Here at Clipping Path Marketplace, we are working relentlessly to satisfy our mission of providing quality image editing and designing services for clients across the planet .

Why You Pick Us

Being the simplest at something isn’t a state one gets to overnight. It takes dedication, tons of diligence and most significantly a passion for excellence! We are now at an edge where we understand not only the work , but also your needs. We fully comprehend that it’s not about making a couple of brushstrokes, but about creating a much bigger picture, which is ultimate, a masterpiece!

Not convinced? Have a glance at our portfolio. we’ve worked on a good range of styles , categorized into a spread of services all unique in nature, but developed to succeed in excellence. Drop us a message. We’ll explain what we’ve to supply , clarify any doubts you’ve got and tell you ways together we will create perfection.