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How to Fit Image to Shape in Photoshop

How to Fit Image to Shape in Photoshop – Clipping Path Marketplace

How to Fit Image to Shape in Photoshop



You want to How to fit image to shape in Photoshop? No problem. We Learn Here how to fit image to shape in Photoshop. we are going to learn how to fit any image to any shape in Photoshop.We follow Some Step here in this Articles.



Step 1: Open The Photoshop





Firstly,Open the Photoshop, Select some Image & Drop Down in Photoshop.



Step 2: Open The Image





Images just drag it in Photoshop and you’re good to go now type the text. which you want to confine the image to but before we type make sure. you unlock the background
layer to do that just click on the lock it. just unlocks the layer now let’s type whatever we want.



Suppose we want to type Clipping right doesn’t matter. what the color of the text is because again it will be replaced by the foliage.



It’s sizes too much anyway once you have done it. we need to Center the text. it make sure the text layer selected ctrl A a command A .


If you’re using a Mac move to make sure the move tool is selected then this icon for centering it horizontally Center. it vertically and you’re done next were you going to do move this layer above the text layer.



Now you cannot see anything because the background let the foliage layer is above the tech layer and text layers beneath it. so, you cannot see it and now the most important and exciting step present hold alt or option .



If you’re using a Mac/laptop and when you move the cursor between these two layers. you will see that the cursor has changed it has changed to a box and an arrow.



So, when that cursor changes all you need to do you need to click and you’re done and of course it doesn’t look fancy. now let’s add a background color to add a background color create an adjustment layer to do that click on this icon and solid color.


So, whatever color you want maybe white and now also you cannot see anything because this layer is above all the other layers.



Remove a Background Making Mask in Photoshop



It’s common to require to remove the background of a Image and just keep the topic. the topic of the photo can then be placed on a completely different background. This guide will show the way to erase the background of a Image using Photoshop CC. With the latest version of Photoshop CC, removing backgrounds is simpler than ever.



1.Use Quick Selection Tool





Use the quick selection tool to select the pixels around the Image. you change the size of the brush to one in order to select the area near the handle.


We could have selected the Image rather than the bean surrounding the Image because, We have to remove the brown in the Image handle.



It’s easier to select the beans then select the inverse pixels to make the selection click the refine edge button.clicked smart radius set it to one set smooth to one or two contrast to 40, shift the edge to negative five in the output section click on
decontaminate colors leave it set at 50% selecting this option. we have to do something with the health part click on the output to combo box several choices are here new layer with layer mask.




New document and new document with a layer mask all are good options and which one you pick depends on your project needs this time.


We’re going to select new layer with a layer mask click OK to mask the background.finally We going to crop this image a bit to eliminate extra empty space. now we can export the image as a PNG.




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Fit Image to Shape in Photoshop For Footwear Business.




Photoshop could also be your tool of choice for serious digital image editing, but it’s quite capable of less serious pursuits, like editing a photograph of your friend so his head is several times larger than it actually is.



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1. Footwear For Clipping




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